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Bringing quick, quality spray painting services to all properties across the North East.We are experts in all aspects of spray painting, well-established and widely recommended by our customers.

Looking for a cost-effective way of replacing UPVC Windows | Kitchens | Garage Doors | Cladding | Render | Masonry | Conservatories | Furniture Painting and much more? Shaded Vision is here for you.

Our work is characterised by its flawless finish. We’ll make your home or business look like new and extend its life for years to come.With years' of experience, we know that the service we provide will completely transform your home or business adding significant value to the property.

"Thorough surface preparation and high quality paint application, we ensure a long lasting durable finish. Whether it’s a complete colour change you require as part of a rebranding project or simply renewing existing colour schemes, our team of sprayers can offer a solution to meet your needs."

We are your number one specialists in on site spraying for Residential & Commercial properties.

Why choose Shaded Vision

  • 10 Yr+ Guarantee: The minimum guarantee on all sprayed UPVC is 10 years. We can assure you that your windows will not fade, crack or peel.

  • National: We are based in Tyne and Wear but we carry out work across the whole of the UK. Shaded Vision is a well-established and widely recommended on-site spraying company for domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

  • Free No Obligation Quote: We are more than happy to come out to you to provide a free quote, or you can email us photos of what you want doing and we’ll provide a rough estimate.

Google Reviews

Holly M.


" Unbelievable finish to my door, absolutely love it and amazing service thank you!!! What was once brown and old is now beautiful and Red!! "

Alan Oliver.


" I cannot recommend Shaded Vision enough. We were completely let down by an individual halfway through a job and these guys kindly and efficiently stepped in and our only regret was we didn't book them in the first place.
Communication, the top quality of work and general helpfulness was second to none, they went above and beyond throughout the job.
I wholeheartedly recommend them 100%. "

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How can we help improve your property?

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How can we help improve your property?

UPVC Window Paint Spraying

Spray Painting UPVC Windows

Spray Painting UPVC Windows In Newcastle | Gateshead | Sunderland | Durham | Northumberland | Tyne & Wear

In recent years, UPVC window spray painting has experienced a surge in popularity among homeowners and businesses seeking cost-effective methods to enhance and elevate the value of their properties. Shaded Vision emerges as an ideal comprehensive solution, proficiently applying spray paint to various components such as UPVC windows, door frames, garage doors, conservatories, render, cladding, shops, and commercial units—both interior and exterior.The advantages extend beyond financial savings and aesthetic revitalization; engaging in UPVC spray painting with Shaded Vision translates to a significant reduction in environmental impact. Not only does this process yield a rejuvenated appearance at an economical price point, but it also aligns with sustainable practices, contributing to a more eco-conscious approach to property improvement.

The Benefits Of UPVC Spray Painting

  • It Saves You Money

The financial efficiency of opting for UPVC spray painting becomes evident when contemplating the potential alternative of replacing worn or outdated UPVC windows and doors. The prospect of window replacement entails a substantial financial commitment, ranging from £300 to £800 per window and potentially exceeding these figures based on factors such as window size and the intricacy of locking mechanisms. In the case of UPVC window replacement alone, the average expenditure extends between £3,000 and £5,000.Conversely, the judicious choice of UPVC spray painting presents a compelling economic advantage. This method typically delivers noteworthy savings, averaging around 75% in comparison to the costs associated with complete window replacement. By selecting UPVC spray painting, individuals can achieve a cost-effective rejuvenation of their windows and doors, achieving a renewed aesthetic appeal without incurring the substantial financial outlay associated with full-scale replacement.

  • Increased Lifespan of UPVC

While UPVC manufacturers propose a lifespan ranging from ten to thirty-five years, the practical longevity often hovers around the ten-year mark before replacement becomes necessary. However, a proactive approach can significantly extend UPVC's service life by an additional decade if intervention occurs before signs of wear become pronounced.It is noteworthy that UPVC inherently lacks a propensity to retain paint. Nevertheless, a specially formulated paint, engineered to establish a chemical bond and cure to a durable state, is employed in the process. This innovative paint solution creates a protective barrier, effectively shielding the UPVC from environmental elements and the detrimental impact of UV rays. The result is a substantial extension of UPVC's durability, affording an additional ten years of structural integrity and aesthetic resilience.

  • An Extensive Choice Of Colours

If the prospect of changing from the conventional white aesthetic appeals to your desire then consider embracing a palette that mirrors your unique style and personality. Anthracite grey, currently in vogue, presents an option imbued with a pristine, opulent aesthetic. For those who find grey less appealing, alternatives such as refined olive green or sophisticated duck-egg blue offer tasteful alternatives.Feel free to reach out to us with your envisioned color scheme, and we'll guide you through a selection process drawing from the comprehensive RAL color chart or British Standard color chart. Alternatively, if your vision extends beyond established options, we possess the capability to craft a bespoke color tailored precisely to your preferences. Your desire for a personalized and distinctive aesthetic can be seamlessly realized through our collaborative exploration of an extensive color spectrum.

  • Minimal Disruption

The dedicated team at Shaded Vision, specializing in UPVC spray painting, prioritizes a seamless and minimally disruptive experience for our clients. Our commitment extends to ensuring that your environment remains free from the inconveniences typically associated with traditional renovations. Unlike the dusty and noisy upheaval often accompanying extensive building work, our approach emphasizes efficiency and a swift resolution, allowing you to swiftly relish the results of our efforts.In contrast, the conventional process of removing and replacing old windows and doors can pose substantial challenges. This undertaking is frequently accompanied by considerable mess, disruptive noise, and a general sense of chaos. The inherent risk of incidental damage to walls further adds to the complexities. Opting for Shaded Vision Spraying Specialists provides a more streamlined and harmonious alternative, sparing you from the typical disruptions associated with extensive structural changes and allowing you to enjoy the transformation without undue inconveniences.

  • Increasing Value To Your Home

Undoubtedly, enhancing the exterior of your residence is a proven strategy for augmenting its overall value. Compelling statistics substantiate this assertion, revealing that homes benefiting from the UPVC window frame spray treatment command an average sale price 5-7% higher than their counterparts that have not undergone this aesthetic upgrade. This data underscores the tangible impact that UPVC spray painting can have on the market value of a property, emphasizing the potential return on investment derived from this considered enhancement.

Engaging in UPVC spraying imparts an immediate and transformative facelift to your residence. This attribute aligns with the aforementioned point, establishing it as a compelling strategy for not only attracting potential buyers but also incentivizing higher bidding in the real estate market.Even for homeowners not currently contemplating a sale, the intrinsic satisfaction of residing in a aesthetically enhanced environment is undeniable. Beyond personal contentment, the upgraded visual appeal positions your home as a standout property, potentially garnering admiration from neighbors and further contributing to a sense of pride in your living space. In essence, UPVC spraying extends benefits beyond market dynamics, fostering a daily enjoyment of a visually pleasing home and cultivating a positive impact on the local residential landscape.

How Long Does UPVC Spray Painting Take?

The duration of our projects on private residences typically spans one to three days, contingent upon the project's size. In the case of more expansive residences, a slight extension to four days may be necessary to ensure meticulous completion. It's worth noting that for simpler undertakings, such as door spray painting, the timeline is notably condensed, often requiring less than a couple of hours to achieve a high-quality finish. Our efficiency in project completion remains consistent, balancing thoroughness with a commitment to minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Kitchen Paint Spraying

Spray Painting Kitchens

Spray Painting Kitchens In Newcastle | Gateshead | Sunderland | Durham | Northumberland | Tyne & Wear

When your kitchen cabinets start showing signs of aging or if you desire a color update, opting for spray painting provides a practical alternative to the inconvenience, cost, and disruption associated with replacing them entirely. This approach not only facilitates a refreshing transformation but also proves to be a more efficient and economical solution for revitalizing the aesthetics of your kitchen space.

Should your cabinetry be in good structural condition and your desire is for a shift in color or style, the financial advantage of opting for Shaded Vision spray painting becomes evident. Beyond cost savings, the methods we use allows you to retain your existing doors and drawer fronts, avoiding their disposal in a landfill—a sustainable choice that aligns with environmental responsibility.At Shaded Vision, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our exclusive use of top-tier paints, ensuring a superior standard of workmanship. This dedication enables us to provide an extensive guarantee against issues such as chipping and flaking arising from day-to-day use, reinforcing the durability and longevity of our spray painting solutions.

Reasons To Respray Your Kitchen

  • Cost Effective

The most compelling factor for a majority of individuals considering kitchen cabinet enhancement is the stark contrast in cost between spray painting and opting for replacement doors. Remarkably, the financial savings associated with this alternative typically range between 60 and 80%, with potential for even greater economies. In an era where prudent budget management is paramount, such substantial savings make the proposition particularly appealing.*The actual percentage of savings is contingent on variables such as the size, style, and complexity of the kitchen in question.

  • Minimal Disruption

Shaded Vision Spraying Specialists, dedicated to elevating your kitchen aesthetics, prioritize a seamless process that minimizes disruptions to your daily life and routine.The conventional approach of a complete kitchen refit is synonymous with a noisy and dusty undertaking, spanning a considerable timeframe of 3 to 5 weeks. Even a more focused replacement of doors, which ideally takes only a couple of days provided the cabinets are structurally sound, entails a higher financial investment compared to the cost-effective alternative of spray painting. This underscores the efficiency and economic advantage of choosing the spray painting expertise offered by Shaded Vision.

  • Brand New Look And Feel

Elevate your kitchen ambiance by embracing a vibrant new color palette that resonates with your distinctive style—options abound with an extensive array of colors showcased in the RAL and British Standard charts, alongside the rich hues offered by Farrow and Ball. If you have a particular shade in mind, share your vision with us, and we'll strive to bring it to fruition.In the majority of cases, intricately textured doors and end panels retain their distinctive grain even after undergoing the meticulous process of spray painting. Our expertise extends to repairing minor damages and seamlessly replacing handles and drawer knobs, ensuring a polished finish that maximizes aesthetic impact. Getting your handle style preference ordered in time to coordinate with your kitchen respray will add to that extra magic finish.In essence, the outcome is akin to acquiring a 'brand new' kitchen, characterized by a transformative aesthetic, all achieved without the exorbitant price tag.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The duration of the painting project hinges on the specific scope of work involved. Typically, our goal is to finalize the task within a timeframe ranging from one to two days. During the process, it is anticipated that the kitchen area might be temporarily unavailable for a maximum of two days at most.A more accurate estimation of the project's duration can be provided once a comprehensive assessment of the project's magnitude has been conducted.

Cladding Paint Spraying

Spray Painting Cladding

Spray Painting Cladding In Newcastle | Gateshead | Sunderland | Durham | Northumberland | Tyne & Wear

The ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the sun induces substantial harm to surfaces, gradually deteriorating the protective coating initially applied by the manufacturer. Furthermore, adverse weather conditions, elevated humidity, and atmospheric moisture collectively contribute to the wear and tear of cladding, resulting in discoloration and unsightly staining over time.

Opting to refurbish existing cladding is a financially prudent decision, with the actual cost contingent upon the project's scope and the dimensions of the structure in question. Whether you opt for painting a specific section or facade or choose a comprehensive spray painting for the entire building, the flexibility lies in your hands. Regardless of your preference, the re-coating of your cladding represents a significantly more economical alternative compared to the expense associated with replacing the it entirely.

Garage Door Paint Spraying

Spray Painting Garage Doors

Spray Painting Garage Doors In Newcastle | Gateshead | Sunderland | Durham | Northumberland | Tyne & Wear

If you've been in search of a nearby service for garage door spraying, then look no further. While we extend a variety of spray painting services to residential and commercial properties, today we offer one of our highly sought-after offerings: garage door spraying.In our capacity as garage door painters, we specialize in revitalizing and enhancing your current garage door, restoring it to its original factory finish that may have faded over time.

Painting a garage door can pose challenges, particularly when undertaking the task manually. Garage door spray painting, in our experience as garage door painters, proves to be the optimal choice for achieving a superior finish.The utilization of professional spraying equipment is instrumental in applying the spray paint to the garage door. This allows for the gradual buildup of thin, precise layers of paint, resulting in the desired high-quality finish. The ability to control the spray paint pressure is a crucial factor in completely transforming the garage door's appearance and rejuvenating it, ensuring a smooth finish akin to factory standards. Achieving such a refined outcome would be challenging without the precision and control offered by garage door spray painting.

Door Paint Spraying

Spray Painting External Doors & Internal Doors

Spray Painting External Doors & Internal Doors In Newcastle | Gateshead | Sunderland | Durham | Northumberland | Tyne & Wear

Few things are more disheartening than arriving home daily to a front door in need of a fresh coat of paint. Yet, the prospect of dedicating time and effort to the painting process can be a deterrent, especially when time is a precious commodity.Fortunately, there exists a swift remedy: engaging the services of door painters. At Shaded Vision, we provide a prompt, dependable, and professional solution to address this concern through the efficient technique of spray painting doors.Indeed, the transformative impact of spray painting is substantial, offering a convenient alternative to the expense of replacing the door.

The demand for door spray painting services is on the rise among homeowners seeking a quick and efficient way to enhance the curb appeal of their properties.The spray painting process stands out as one of the swiftest methods to achieve a flawless finish, eliminating the frustration of paintbrush marks, thanks to our airless sprayer techniques. Moreover, door spray painting proves to be a cost-effective alternative, significantly more budget-friendly than investing in a new door.Typically, individuals opt for door spray painting when their exterior doors show signs of fading from exposure to the elements and daily use, or when internal doors exhibit discoloration or chips and require a revitalizing touch.In essence, door spray painting services streamline the door painting process, sparing homeowners the effort of achieving a perfect finish through manual painting. By entrusting the task to professional door spray painters, like us, homeowners can ensure a hassle-free and expertly executed transformation of their doors.

Masonry Render Paint Spraying Painting

Spray Painting Masonry - Render

Spray Painting Masonry - Render In Newcastle | Gateshead | Sunderland | Durham | Northumberland | Tyne & Wear

Choosing the right coating system for your masonry walls is crucial, and we're here to help. Whether your building features render, brick, or stone exteriors, we have the expertise to recommend the most suitable solution. Our range of coating systems ensures that regardless of your wall type, we have the perfect option to enhance and protect your building's exterior. Reach out to us today for personalized advice on transforming your external walls.Your home's exterior walls perform an amazing job of protecting you and your possessions from the elements. The trouble is that they face many challenges over the years and will eventually need some attention.They begin to look drab and past their best. What's more, they can succumb to serious problems, like penetrating damp.Regardless of whether your walls consist of brick, stone, are rendered, painted, or adorned with pebble dash, they are all subject to the same environmental conditions. The impact of strong winds, ice, rain, and snow affects them uniformly. Additionally, high temperatures contribute to the dynamic nature of these surfaces, with the sun's heat causing expansion during the day and contraction at night. This continuous cycle of expansion and contraction can lead to the development of cracks over time. The situation exacerbates when moisture infiltrates these cracks and freezes during winter, further deteriorating the condition of your walls.

The modern masonry paint and external wall coatings used by Shaded Vision are far superior to those in the past. Our products offer greatly improved waterproofing qualities and will form a protective shell that insulates your home.Some of these paints are guaranteed for up to ten years, saving you the hassle of maintenance as well as the expense of regular repairs. The heightened insulation provided by these coatings can result in lower energy bills as well.Consideration of a fresh coat of paint for your exterior walls may be precisely the solution you need to enhance both the aesthetics and the functional aspects of your home.

Shop Front Paint Spraying

Industrial Paint Spraying

Industrial Paint Spraying In Newcastle | Gateshead | Sunderland | Durham | Northumberland | Tyne & Wear

The storefront serves as a pivotal advertisement for retail businesses, with its visual appeal influencing whether potential customers choose to explore the offerings within. A clean, well-maintained, and professionally presented shop front tends to attract customers, while a deteriorating exterior, characterized by flaking or faded paint, patchy and stained window frames and doors, often deters foot traffic.Recognizing the financial constraints associated with complete replacement, Shaded Vision acknowledges the significance of creating a positive first impression. To assist shop owners in achieving the desired visual impact without exceeding budgetary limits, we offer professional shop front spraying services. Through our expertise, we not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of existing shop fronts but also provide a cost-effective solution that can potentially save businesses a substantial amount of money.

What Sets Shop Front Spraying Apart as a Preferred Choice?

The adoption of shop front spray painting is a proven strategy embraced by numerous successful high street chains.This method excels in delivering a flawlessly smooth finish without any brush marks, effectively covering the entire surface of your current shop front. The remarkable aesthetic improvement achieved through shop front spray painting stands out as a premier approach for upgrading the exterior of your premises.Importantly, it accomplishes this enhancement without the need for a costly, disruptive, and extensive full refit.